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ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

The providers of Brighton Pediatrics have years of experience in evaluating and treating ADHD. If you or child’s teacher thinks that your child may have ADHD, we welcome you to bring that to our attention.

Initial Consultation:

Our office requires that each child undergoing an evaluation have a current well child exam/physical within one year of the evaluation, and then continue to have yearly well child exams. New patients wishing an evaluation must have the physical done first.

We then ask you to make an appointment for an ADHD consultation. This appointment will last between 45-60 minutes. Prior to that appointment, you and the child’s teacher will need to complete an ADHD Evaluation.

We request that you mail these questionnaires to us several days prior to your appointment. If not, you must bring these questionnaires to the consultation appointment. If, however, the consultation is done during the summer months, we will ask you to have the teacher questionnaire completed when school resumes in the fall. A recent report card is very helpful.

During the consultation, we will discuss the likelihood your child has ADHD. We will also discuss treatment options including the use of medications and their side effects.

Rechecks and Follow-up:

If treatment is started, you will be expected to have monthly follow ups until the medication dose is optimal for your child. Once we all agree on the optimal dose, rechecks will be required every 3 to 6 months. During treatment if it is necessary to change a dose or change to a new medication, then another recheck in one month will be required.

We will not refill prescriptions until the recheck is done. However, we will give you a prescription for 1-2 week’s worth of medication, so that your child can continue to do well and you can make the required appointment. Frequent failures to show up for rechecks will result in our discharging you from our care.

Medication Refills:

We request that you notify us one week in advance if you need a refill of your child’s medication. The prescription must be written. We cannot call, fax, or electronically prescribe the refills. You can then come to the office to pick up the prescription or we can mail it to you. Pharmacies can refuse to fill the prescription if it is dated more than 5 days prior.

Please feel free to call us if there are questions or concerns.